AC/DC pinball pictures, editions and features

Over the weekend the official video announcement for AC/DC pinball by Stern came out. We know there are going to be three edition levels, but what exactly will they be. According to sources, the Pro will be the starter edition followed by the Premium which will not have a limited like previous releases. The Limited Edition will come in two varieties — a “Back in Black” limited to 300 games and a “Ready to Rock” limited to 200 games. It’s easy to speculate that both LE‘s will have different color packages a la Transformers Autobots and Decepticons Collector Editions.

Further rumor has it that the LE editions will feature a mini playfield under the main playfield (with full-sized ball and two flippers), slingshot mounted rotating cannon with center-mounted Fire button on the cabinet, improved sound system including a 12″ subwoofer, a “Hells Bells” toy with pendulum and ejector hole, two banks of drop targets, shaker motor, two ramps (in classic Ritchie style), topper, and laser cut side rails (source from

Finally, why we’ve heard some rumors on price an official announcement should be available within the next few days. Still, this is shaping up to be the most expensive (for the LE edition at least) new pinball to date.

Update: Now with pics of AC/DC Pro edition! Below are also the confirmed Pro features.

• 1 Ramp Mounted Magnetic Diverter For Cannon Loading
• High Definition Color Cabinet and Decal Artwork
• Motorized Rotating Ball Cannon, Player Controlled
• 3 “Thunderstruck” Standup Targets w/ Super Bright Flash Lamps
• 4 “ROCK” Standup Targets (on right)
• Lit Start/Fire Cannon Button w/ Laser Cut S/S Trim Plate
• Back Panel Jukebox Song Selector w/ Flashing Red Horns
• Posi-Lock Ball Ejector and Electric Top Gate
• 2 Molded Super Speed Ramps
• T.N.T. Explosion Butyrates In Key Locations
• 2 High Powered Slingshots
• 3 Super Bright LED Jet Bumpers
• 1 “Greased Lightning” Spinning Target
• Traditional Country-Specific Coin Door
• 8 Inch Cabinet Speaker with bold, enhanced sound quality
• QR Codes
• Molded “Hells Bell” Toy, Fixed, W/Standup Target
• Fixed T.N.T. Detonator
• Band Member Butyrate Display
• 5 AC/DC Standup Targets (on left)
• 3 T.N.T. Standup Targets (center)
• Black ABS Lower Arch
• “Latch” Lockdown Bar

Update 2: Automated Services has put their prices up for the AC/DC editions. These may differ slightly and are not MSRP, but they’re selling the Pro for $4,595, Premium for $6,495, and either version of the LE for $6,999. That means (and we’re speculating here) that to get your pin faceless and with a lower playfield will cost you a minimum of $1,900.

The Pro edition of AC/DC

AC/DC playfield of the Pro edition