Doctor Who motorized Dalek topper

Doctor Who pinball Dalek topper

The Dalek topper featured on Bally's Doctor Who

When you’re talking about any “pinball topper hall of fame” lists, Doctor Who has to be there. Much like Whirlwind, White Water and The Addams Family, a Doctor Who without a topper is an incomplete machine. It’s Dalek topper not only fits the theme perfectly, but it’s damned cool too!

As most DW fans know only the first 100 prototype games came with a motorized Dalek head that would turn side-to-side and lovingly comment about extermination. The rest of the 7,652 games have the non-moving Dalek that was stripped due to Bally’s cost-cutting measures. Shame on Bally, but now you have a chance to not cheap out where they did and get your own kit to get that Dalek mobile again.

DIY Pinball is taking pre-orders on their new complete moving Dalek head kit. Unlike the one based on Pfutz’s original design, DIY Pinball has redesigned this new topper with a new control scheme that moves based on the lights and voice. Jeff from DIY boasts that it requires a much simpler installation and lower cost as well — which at a pre-order price of $119 we’re inclined to agree with!

The pre-order is limited to 100 units (weird how coincidental numbers can be some times, eh?) and they’re expected to ship out in October. After which the price will jump up to $150. There’s also a slide show of installation pictures to get you comfortable with the install. You can expect a Pinball Head review of the moving Dalek head kit once it ships.