PAPA finalists head to Monaco

More gameplay footage today from PAPA 14′s classic tournament finals played on a Segasa Monaco EM. This definitely seems like an interesting game with the roving spot target in the middle of the playfield. Unfortunately not many people outside of Spain have had a chance to play Segasa EMs.

This matchup has Keith Elwin vs. Steve Bowden vs. Trent Augenstein vs. Phil Birnbaum in a reel-spinning competition. Speaking of reels, this game counts to the 100,000′s with a stationary ones reel. That’s a total of 20 moving reels! That’s a lot of flexstone. This video is made even more interesting by the unorthodox yet insightful commentary of competitor Steve Bowden.

PAPA 14 Classics 1: Finals Game 1 – Monaco from PAPApinball on Vimeo.